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Welcome to Danridge Saints & Astrology Centre. A site that provides you with quality content about the important concepts of Indian and Vedic Astrology and also offers high quality and accurate Vedic Astrology Reading or Horoscope Reading Services at reasonable prices.

Get accurate Horoscope Reading and know about the good and bad yogas present in your Horoscope as well as their good and bad effects in various fields of your life along with their exact timing of impact. Also get remedies to rectify the defects present in your horoscope and reduce their bad effects significantly. These Vedic Astrology remedies primarily include Poojas, Mantras, Charities and Gemstones.

Welcome to Danridge Saints Astrology Centre

Vedic Astrology

Vedic astrology is about 7000 years old and the oldest branch of astrology known. This science has been mentioned in the Vedas and carried down through generations. Vedic Astrology uses a unique system of dasas and sub divisional charts that are different from Western Astrology.

It can give astonishing results when an expert Vedic scholar reads your chart based on your correct date, place and time of birth.

At Danridgesaints.com our aim is to provide you with such accurate reading through our team of deeply experienced and intuitive Vedic Astrologers


A central principle of astrology is integration within the cosmos. The individual, Earth, and its environment are viewed as a single organism, all parts of which are correlated with each other. Cycles of change that are observed in the heavens are therefore reflective (not causative) of similar cycles of change observed on earth and within the individual.
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The Temple

Shree Shivkali Mandir

We have a temple of Goddess Kali, who is known as most powerful Goddess, and is worshiped widely in Tantra-mantra and other activities. In our temple, you may feel the power of Maa Kali, and worship her on every Amavasya.

Shree Sai Baba Mandir

Sai Baba is very popular among devotees as a God, who listens to you, when ever you need him. Our Sai Baba temple has one full-size idol of Sai Baba, and is worshiped by many on daily basis.

Shree Hanuman Mandir

Lord Hanuman is known as God of power and prosperity, and in our temple, you would be able to feel his powers. Every tuesday, you may join the special Puja, which is meant to please Lord Hanuman.


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