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The front door is the main barrier to intruders who want to get into the apartment. Therefore, the question of how to choose a good front door interests everyone. Today, construction shops and numerous manufacturing companies specializing in the manufacture of metal products offer a variety of options. Which front door is better to put and what to look for when choosing it? This and other questions in this article will be answered.

Which entrance doors are better

The best doors are durable, reliable and aesthetically attractive. They must withstand multiple opening and closing during the day. Sound insulation must completely block the way not only for noise interference from outside, but also prevent information from leaking out. The requirements for thermal insulation are high: doors and box parts should not be a “cold bridge”.

When choosing material, it is necessary to take into account that the most good entrance doors are metal ones. Wooden ones are a thing of the past: their reliability is lower than that of welded corners and sheet metal. They eventually crumble, crumple, and lose their appearance and strength, so the choice should be stopped on metal. From the Faversham double glazing company now you can expect to get the best support now.

Basic requirements for the entrance door

Choosing the most acceptable option among the many presented in the store, you should show the following requirements to the doors.

  1. Good steel entrance doors cannot be broken with blows of hands or feet, they must stand for a long time when the sledgehammer strikes. Check on the spot it will not work: you can make sure the strength of the structure by examining the product passport and inspecting the lock. The complexity of the castle must be high. It is better that there are two of them (cylinder and cylinder), they should be located at a distance of at least 300 mm.
  2. It is important that a panoramic viewing eye was installed, it was possible to install a web camera and an electronic security system.
  3. Cross and longitudinal struts are mandatory.
  4. The door box must be fixed to the wall with U-shaped grips or by means of anchor bolts;
  5. There must be a guarantee from a reliable, well-known manufacturer with many years of manufacturing experience.
  6. The door must have good heat and sound insulation. The latter is easy to verify: for this you just need to knock on it and estimate the level of sound that comes to you from the other side.
  7. The door should be beautiful (although this is not the main quality) and on the inside, and outside. The color of the paint or finishing material must be appropriate to the interior of the hallway.