Why You Need to Choose High Arches Sandals Over Flip-Flops


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Do you like wearing flip-flops everywhere? Many people like to wear flip flops because it is considered as the easiest footwear and comfortable to wear to any event both special or casual. But, you also need to be aware if you are wearing flip-flops every day and in a long time. Various health risks can be haunting. So, choosing high arches sandals over flip-flops will help you avoid this case.

High arches sandals have more proper design than flip-flops

The main problem with flip-flops is the structure that is not optimal enough to support the body. Flip-flops do not have an arch that follows the structure of the sole of the foot. Flip-flops also have no features to protect the heel. The use of flip-flops in long period can also cause changes in the way we walk. It can lead to the emergence of more back pain. Instead of flip-flops, high arches sandals have a more proper design to support your feet as a barrier. It has a curvature so that it can support your feet well as you walking for a long time.

Here are several high arches sandals you can own from lightrunner. You can choose one of them to help you cover the appearing back pain relentlessly.

  1. Earth Origins Bianca Strappy Sandals – light and high arches sandals

Earth Origins Bianca Strappy Sandals is best known for their light and comfy design as well as sized correctly. It is also good to go outside since it has great supportive models for anyone suffering the plantar fasciitis, making people with the illness can still go outside. This high arches sandal is certainly better than the classic flip-flops. Moreover, you can see that they fit so well like your gloves.

  1. Birkenstock Arizona Birkibuc Sandals – classic and high arches sandals

Birkenstock Arizona Birkibuc Sandals of high arches sandals is ideally like a classic Birkenstock since it has proper design and it feels comfy right out of the box. Once you try it, it never slides around during the walks or maybe run for a little bit. Moreover, it has worked great for those with wide feet. Though it has not had an “orthopedic” look outside, it still looks so pretty to wear.

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